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It's been quite a roller coaster ride for the S&P 500 in 2020. SPY hit an all-time high in February, before losing about 34% of its value in March due to the pandemic, followed by an epic rebound to new all-time highs of $350+ as of August 2020.


This Artwork captures July's 2020 market activity and is only my second piece where I attempted to incorporate the candle stick bodies into a city landscape.


In my humble opinion, this is the type of Artwork it's not very pretty when looked upon very closely. So, you kind of have to stand a few feet back to admire its beauty.



  • Please allow 9-12 days for your order to arrive. 

    All prints will be printed at a local printshop here (Portland, OR) and shipped directly from the shop. They will ensure the quality of the product + pack them in a professional manner to avoid the sometimes unavoidable shipping damage.

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