• Purple Innovation Inc (PRPL) hit a low of $4.42 in March. After COVID was declared a Pandemic, their shares floated upwards (on a bed perhaps) towards the moon and curretnly trades at $19.17 as of August 2020. 


    A good mattress does wonders for your mood and body. I wish I had a Purple Mattres. Maybe if I owned a few shares I would've bought one by now. 


    One can only dream.




    Include ticker/label/price/time

    Please allow 9-12 days for your order to arrive. 

    All prints will be printed at a local printshop here (Portland, OR) and shipped directly from the shop. They will ensure the quality of the product + pack them in a professional manner to avoid the sometimes unavoidable shipping damage.


    Stoxart is an original idea created by me, Gladys. I've developed an interest in the Stock Market in early 2020 and since been inspired by the simple line graphs they displayed. As an Artist, I'm always looking for new ways to express my creativity and thought why not make these charts into Art. 

    All artworks are registered copyright © Stoxart 2020


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