What if my print arrives damaged?

This is always an unfortunate and unforeseen event. If only Elon could offer his hyperloop I'd hand deliver these myself.

However, if the shipping + handling was handled poorly please take pictures of damaged parts and include picture of packaging and send them to higladys@stoxart.com

You will receive a full refund or we can re-send a new print, free of charge.

What if I'm unhappy with the print and want to return it?

Oof, our ultimate goal is to provide a product that you'll love.  But if you are not happy with your print, you may return it to us for a refund.  Please email higladys@stoxart.com to initiate a return.

Do you take requests? 

I am always open to requests but essentially view them as suggestions. Requests are separate from customized bids. If you want a customized artwork, please fill out a form here.

What's your process? How do you make these?

It depends on the day and level of inspiration + motivation and if I'm drawing for a client or for myself.

I'm actively on Reddit, trading apps like Robinhood, and finance websites like YahooFinance searching for interesting news highlights and charts. If I read an event that could possibly affect a company's market performance (good or bad) I will check their charts and see if it's worth making into Art.

I'll research and note unique things about the company and when I find a perfect timeframe to capture, I'll screenshot the chart and paste it into Adobe Illustrator to trace over all the data elements.

Then that's where the creative journey begins.

Why does it sometimes take longer to create a piece?

I'm doing these on a purely part-time basis. I have a regular full-time job and definitely need to prioritize family time but I am so motivated to produce more because it makes people happy and I am having fun doing it. So being a creative night owl that I am. I do these after-hours.

Do you only do Stock Charts?

As of now, yes. However, I have been looking into other data charts and thinking of ways to re-create them into Art.