About Me


Gladys Estolas (Orteza)

Stoxart is the creation of art from stock market charts and in all honesty, anything involving any data you can imagine. 

These innovative visualizations offer a sense of serenity to otherwise volatile, anxiety-inducing financial information.



The Idea

It happened when I started investing in stocks in early 2020.


As I check my portfolio, the charts started to form mountains and cityscapes. 

They looked so beautiful in my head so one day while sitting on the couch I casually told my husband that I’m going to turn these charts into paintings and with a quick glance he responds, ‘go for it’.

I did a few drawings just to feel it out and shared my first rendition of Tesla in the Robinhood sub on Reddit where I surprisingly got a good amount of attention.

That’s where things kind of took off rather quickly and that’s how Stoxart was born.

A great visual to commemorate a life changing event.